About me

Bonjour – Hi,

My name is Sophie Richard. Until recently I was a PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth. I have also studied in Paris (Sorbonne Nouvelle University), London (London Metropolitan University), and Boston (Tufts University). I have been hired as an English (TESOL) teacher by the University of French Polynesia, so I’m off to Tahiti!


I specialise in sociolinguistics, the study of the interaction between language, culture, and society. Specifically, my research is within the field of variationist sociolinguistics, that is the quantitative investigation of language variation and change, exploring both the social and linguistic aspects of variation in language.

As part of my PhD research project, I have analysed the grammar of native Australian English speakers. In particular, I have investigated the relationship between tense variation (e.g.: “I went”, “I go” or “I’ve gone”) in vivid stories and the social characteristics of speakers (age, sex, social status).

I am passionate about my field of research and committed to spreading knowledge and information about linguistics, “the science of language”. I share many articles on my Twitter account. I hope to spark the interest of many.

I speak French, my native tongue, as well as English and a bit of Spanish. And if you think that’s not very impressive for a linguist, that’s because linguists (language scientists) are not necessarily polyglots!

I enjoy dancing, travelling, and, needless to say, anything language-related!


  • Honours in Linguistics, UWA
  • BA in English, Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle University
  • MA in English Linguistics, Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle University
  • PhD in English Linguistics

Key research

Variationist sociolinguistics; Morphosyntactic variation and change; Grammaticalisation; Tense and Aspect; Australian English; Narrative Analysis.


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